Saturday, May 07, 2005

Gracie’s Israeli Cousin

Why, Gracie! I never knew that you had a relative living in Israel! I met him a few days ago as I was leaving work. What a hunk! Good looks sure do run in your family.

Gracie’s Israeli cousin

Shalom, gorgeous. Wanna make friends?

The kittycat sees me

Is that a question mark in your tail or are you still deciding whether I’m friend or foe?

Kittycat with a question mark in his tail

Wise kitty. It’s always good to look both ways when you’re smaller than the other pedestrians.

Wise kittycat looks both ways before crossing the sidewalk

Have I got skritches for you! Maybe you’ll take some to Gracie and Tig the next time you visit?

C’mere and get skritched, kittycat.

Oh, do you have to go? You’re right, it is getting late. Le-hitra’ot, motek.

’Bye for now, gorgeous!

(That’s Hebrew for “See you later, sweetie.”)

(The May 8th edition of the Carnival of the Cats will be hosted by Ferdinand of The Conservative Cat.)

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