Saturday, May 07, 2005

Take This, PETA

I have a confession to make. About twenty years ago, I used to like PETA. Although I did not agree with all their premises, I thought they were doing good work, and I particularly liked their list of cosmetics companies that do and do not test their products on animals.

Then I found out about PETA’s despicable “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign, and about their lies regarding shehitah (kosher slaughter). Meryl thought up a perfect rejoinder which caught on throughout the blogosphere: International Eat an Animal for PETA Day. Well, IEAPD has come and gone, but now it seems that PETA has issued an “apology” for its campaign. Israel Insider has the text.

It doesn’t look too promising. I’m looking forward to Meryl’s analysis. In the meantime, the following is for PETA.

This is one of my favorite shops in town. It is owned by a hard-working woman who probably does more good deeds than anyone will ever know about.

This picture was taken on a Friday, when the shop owner sets out her array of meat pastries in honor of Shabbat.

Shabbat meat pastries

Here is the shop’s grill, filled with chickens ...

Chickens on the grill

... and here is the finished product.

Cooked chickens for sale

Finally, here is a photograph of a fearsome carnivore. To make matters worse, she’s a hunter. In fact, in this very photograph she is probably dreaming of her next kill.

Her Ladyship, hunter and carnivore

Sweet dreams, Your Ladyship.

Take that, PETA.

UPDATE: David over at Treppenwitz has a more in-depth look at the issue. (By the way, I may not talk much about it, but I’m also very fond of dogs. I grew up with one and loved him very much, and I owe the fact that I’m not terrified of dogs today to his love and patience with me over many years. Check out David’s pooch pics here, along with an exquisite pic of Yonah, his youngest. The expression on his face is absolutely priceless.)

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