Thursday, July 07, 2005

Explosions in London

No, actually, not just explosions. Bombing attacks. The deliberate murder of innocent civilians as they go about their business. In other words: terrorism.

Miriam of Bloghead is live-blogging from London.

David of Treppenwitz weighs in with a gloomy but (in my opinion) on-target analysis.

Israelly Cool has lots of updates, as does LT Smash.

Laurence Simon of IFOC gets it:

Want to know what we are? Want to know what we are when we go about our daily lives, looking out for one another, getting along without slitting the throats of our neighbors or blowing up buses full of innocent people for what we perceive as wrongs halfway around the world? Want to know what you are when a nutcase with a bomb or a C-4 vest loaded with ratpoison-soaked shrapnel wants to shred you for the reward of a 72-virgins orgy in Paradise?

My prayers and good wishes go out to all those injured or killed, or who were in any way affected by the attacks.

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