Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Workplace Vegetable Garden Watch

Shalom, the custodian of the building where I work, has taken a tiny patch of earth on the grounds and turned it into a small vegetable and herb garden. So far he’s growing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, spearmint (nana in Hebrew) and sunflowers. He’s also giving joy to quite a few people, since it feels so good just to gaze at his garden!

Fried green tomatoes, anyone?

Cherry tomatoes

Notice the symmetry of the stems of the tomatoes in the picture below. Isn’t that amazing?

More cherry tomatoes

Better hurry up if you like ’em green. The one on the right is starting to ripen.

Cherry tomato starting to ripen

The sunflower bud tracks the sun even before it blooms.

Sunflower bud

Ah, the wonder and the joy of nature, right here in a little urban vegetable garden.

Thank you, Shalom.

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