Wednesday, July 06, 2005

An Old Battle

Lynn B. has an excellent post at The Jewish View about evangelical Christians who try to deceive Jews into converting to Christianity.

The mass conversion of the Jews is seen by some Christians as a necessary prerequisite for the “Second Coming.” The method by which it’s accomplished is largely unimportant. This brand of Christian missionary long ago figured out that, partly due to centuries of persecution and gruesome tales of forced conversions, Jews tend to react badly to evangelical overtures. The solution: strip both “c” words out of the pitch. You need neither convert nor become a Christian. In fact, you can stay “Jewish,” pray in a “synagogue,” celebrate Passover, even have a Bar Mitzvah, so long as you realize that your ultimate destiny as a Jew is to accept Jesus as your messiah.
The pitch is a scam. Think of “Messianic Judaism” as a half-way house. A rehab treatment facility for the theologically misdirected. A crutch to enable us Jews to get over our irrational phobia of Conversion to Christianity. It’s a sort of phased plan or “plan of stages” to eliminate the unbelievers. Yes, the ultimate goal is to return us to our Jewish roots, i.e., the roots of that small segment of the Jewish community that, two thousand years ago, chose to abandon the faith of their ancestors and look elsewhere for their salvation. The first Christians.

Read the whole thing.

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