Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday Pictures

Here are some pictures I took last Friday after work.

Remember Shalom’s vegetable garden? One of the two sunflowers bloomed. Here’s the whole blossom ...

Sunflower in bloom

... and here’s a closeup.

Sunflower closeup

More cherry tomatoes on the way:

Cherry tomatoes

After taking some pictures of the garden, I headed to the main downtown street to do some errands. On my way to the market I passed a store that sells watches, and these lovely ones caught my eye. (This one’s for Laurence Simon.)

Watches with Hebrew numbers

Further along, I passed a sign for a local parking garage. (Windows? Why? Does Bill Gates own a stake in it or something?)

Parking garage entrance

Then I caught a bus home. Ah, air conditioning! What a relief!

On the bus home

I finally got home to find that a bunch of these flowers had invaded our parking lot. They smell sweet and appear to be semi-cultivated. If anyone knows their proper name, please tell me in the comments.

What kind of flower is this?

And I’m done. Shavua tov.

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