Thursday, July 14, 2005

Lights Out

So what do you do when your entire street suddenly finds itself without electricity just when you were about to head for bed?

That’s easy. You take pictures.

The building across the street, plunged into darkness:

The building across the street in darkness

(Is that a flashlight in the right-hand corner of the building? Dunno.)

The traffic circle below, taken without a flash:

The traffic circle below my window, dark

The same, with a flash:

The traffic circle, with flash

Finally, the candle I lit in my kitchen for some light:

A candle in the kitchen

Blackouts, like most disruptions of routine, can be interesting and exciting. But there comes a point where you’ve had enough, particularly if you’re a creature of routine, like I am.

When the electricity came on about a half hour later I reset all my clocks, turned off the lights and went to bed. Boring, no?

As I’ve learned to say, living in Israel and translating news here: Boring is good. We like boring.

Laila shaket—a quiet night to all.

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