Thursday, August 18, 2005


Just what on earth did this sick creep think he was going to accomplish?

Less than two weeks after Eden Natan Zada murdered four Israeli Arabs traveling on an Egged bus in Shfaram, another Jewish terrorist shot dead four Palestinians near the Industrial Zone at the West Bank settlement of Shilo.
The shooter was identified as Asher Weisgan, 40, from the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rahel.
According to Channel 1, Weisgan admitted to the killings and said he had committed the attack in an attempt to thwart disengagement.

This is particularly horrifying:

According to reports, Weisgan, who worked for Ortal Transports as a driver for Palestinian industrial zone workers, opened fire on his own passengers.

According to Weisgan’s friends, he was “depressed” over the disengagement. Well, what do you know—so is most of the country. No matter which side of the issue you’re on, what is happening in Israel right now is absolutely heartbreaking. But we don’t deal with sadness, depression and heartbreak by going out and committing murder. Anyone who practices such a hideous form of “therapy” is no better than the terrorists who, in order to sate their lust for blood and power, strap on explosive belts and blow themselves up amid crowds of innocent people.

The best Weisgan can now expect is a trial followed by a long prison term, possibly for life. But at least he will live, which is more than can be said of the four people whose lives he cut short today in cold blood.

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