Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Guess I’d Better Go Pack My Bags. Not.

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post says that Israel is a mistake. He drags up all the manufactured talking points (read: lies) that we have been hearing from various and sundry professional Jew-haters for the past several decades: that the Jews are intruders on the land, that we have no right to be here, blah, blah, blah.

The man’s ignorance—or willful disregard—of history is absolutely astonishing. It would seem that he has never studied the subject. Or maybe he wasn’t paying attention in class. Whatever the reason, his article is so full of holes that I am tempted to use it for a colander, except that I would rather not expose my good pasta to anything that stinks so badly.

Since the amount of work I have right now prevents me from giving Cohen’s article the treatment it so richly deserves, I’ll direct my readers to those who have done just that. AbbaGav has an excellent fisking, together with a list of bloggers who have treated Cohen to fiskings of their own, including Meryl Yourish, Dave Bender, Carl of Israel Matzav and Judith of Kesher Talk. Soccer Dad has an extensive roundup of responses as well.

Israel a mistake, Mr. Cohen? No. Try your entire way of thinking. Oh, and this just in: the Cyclops enjoyed the wine very much, and has promised to eat you last.

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