Monday, July 14, 2008

Jimmy’s Alley

Jerusalem’s German Colony neighborhood has many treasures. Even though I have been living in or around the German Colony for quite some time, I can’t say that I am familiar with all of them. One of the great things about living in Jerusalem is that even one who has been here for a long time can always discover something new and wonderful.

This little neighborhood gem is a tiny alley tucked between two side streets. I’ve always considered it a bit magical because of the living branches that arch above it:

Simtat Jimmy (Jimmy's Alleyway)

It has no official street sign, but approximately ten years ago it was given a name: Simtat Jimmy (Jimmy’s Alley). Here is the street sign, a plaque put up on a low stone post beside the street:

Street sign

The plaque reads as follows (my translation):

The alley of Jimmy
who wagged his tail
and enjoyed roaming here
during the years 1988–1998

The name has stuck... and I really wish I had known Jimmy. He must have been very special indeed.

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