Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still in the Yard... but Less

The elm trees for which this blog was named were partially cut down yesterday and today.

It turns out that they were diseased and rotting. If they had been allowed to remain as they were, falling branches—some thicker around than an adult human being—could have caused severe injury or worse, God forbid. (At least one branch fell last year, lightly injuring one of the building’s residents.)

And so, we did what had to be done.

Here, a workman cuts down one of the trees in the adjacent yard:

Cutting down the tree

Looking down from above at the truncated tree:

Looking down

The same tree at ground level:

Elm tree, from ground level

The view from just inside the front gate, with tree debris covering the sidewalk to a depth of several feet:

At the entrance

I’ll miss the tree with its magnificent canopy. I will particularly miss the wild parakeets that used to come and eat the seeds every spring. But I’m told that the tree will grow back. I hope it will, and that it will stay healthy when it does!

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