Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hillel Needs a Home

There is a colony of cats at the building in Jerusalem where I work. Most of them are feral, such as Lady, who spent three days on the roof rather than let a human being touch her. But Hillel, a gray tabby neutered male (who is named for the street where he was found, not the Jewish sage), is not feral. He is tame, sweet and loving. Since he is neutered, he is most likely a former house cat who either got lost or was dumped. Itzik, one of the security guards, feeds Hillel and the other cats, with help from other workers in the building. Hillel has grown to love Itzik and often shares guard duty with him. Itzik would take Hillel home in a minute, but circumstances prevent him from doing so.

Last week Itzik found Hillel with a nasty wound in the throat. (We don’t know whether it was caused by a catfight or by so-called humans.) We took up a collection and got him to a wonderful veterinarian who works with the local non-profit organization that helps street cats. The good news is that he was able to help Hillel, who is due to be released on Monday. The bad news is that once Hillel is released, he will have to return to the street.

Hillel is about two years old and would make a wonderful and loving pet. We would love to find a home for him. Can anyone out there help?

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