Saturday, July 09, 2005

In Memoriam: Edna and the Dowager Duchess

Edna was a special cat. My friend, her human companion, used to describe her as noble. Even when she was sick she never complained, so during her final illness my friend had to watch her carefully to see whether she was in pain. As a young cat Edna was a huntress, often bringing “gifts” to my friend. Edna loved to be petted and brushed and particularly enjoyed bellyrubs, which elicited a purr so strong that I used to joke that it could be used to power a city. Edna passed on several weeks ago at the age of twenty-two (103 in human terms). Her name means “tenderness” and “refinement” in Hebrew. She was indeed refined, a true lady.

Edna relaxes after enjoying a bellyrub

The Dowager Duchess has left us, leaving Her Ladyship as an only cat. The Duchess was fifteen and was fine until recently. In her youth she enjoyed hunting and climbing trees. She enjoyed being petted but always looked over her shoulder, fearing—with good reason—that Her Ladyship would muscle in and chase her away from the source of the attention. Toward the end of the Duchess’s life, Her Ladyship mellowed a bit and tried to cheer her up, inviting her to play, but unfortunately the Duchess was too ill to take her up on it.

The Dowager Duchess surveys her domain

Neither Edna nor the Dowager Duchess were my cats, but I will miss them both. My deepest sympathies go out to their human companions, who have each lost a long-time friend.

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