Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Well-Versed Kittycat

Most of my half-dozen readers know that Her Ladyship isn’t my cat. In fact, Her Ladyship isn’t even her real name. My friend, Her Ladyship’s human companion, agreed to let me post pictures of her on condition that I keep her true identity private. Hence the pseudonym.

Last night my friend told me she would have to go out of town on urgent business this evening, and asked if I would come to her apartment to give Her Ladyship her dinner. I agreed gladly. (I enjoy feeding cats. It lets me pretend for a moment that I have a cat of my own.) So tonight after I stopped in and gave Her Ladyship her portion of canned food (she always has a steady supply of dry food available and of course plenty of water, both indoors and out), I followed her outside to take some pictures.

Here are a few of them. Her Ladyship among the flowers ...

Her Ladyship in the garden

Wait, I’m not ready for my close-up yet ...

Please wait. I’m not done getting ready yet.

All right. I’m ready now.

But of course I’m beautiful.

Delightful, eh? Well, an additional delight was in store for me this evening. Steve of Blog d’Elisson (also of many talents, and of two gorgeous kitties whom I admire rather addictively from afar) left a sweet comment here today, in verse form. Here it is:

To Her Ladyship
If I could reach across the sea,
I’d give you rubs and skritches.
And then I'd need a piece of tape
To get your hair off my britches.
To me, there’s nothing else that pleases,
Like skritching lovely Siameses.

Steve, thanks on behalf of Her Ladyship! I feel the same way about Hakuna (a Siamese, too!) and Matata. I hope that someday I’ll get to tell them in person.

But wait! Your Ladyship, where are you going? Oh, well, I suppose even a gorgeous Siamese kittycat can sometimes get tired of being admired ...

Sorry, gotta go. I have important things to do, like making sure no other cats get into this garden.

It’s all right. She’ll be back.

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