Friday, September 02, 2005

Camera Therapy

Sometimes people need a little camera therapy.

So here’s a pomegranate split on the tree. Mmmm, looks delicious!

Pomegranate split on tree

Olives ripening on the branch:

Olives on the tree

Here’s a bee in a rosemary flower:

Bee in rosemary flower

A moth drinking some rosemary nectar. (He’d better be careful. That stuff’ll really wake you up.)

Moth on rosemary plant

Another bee in the rosemary patch. Note the tattered wings. This bee’s been around.

Bee in rosemary

It was easier to take this picture. Those bees are fast on the rosemary blossoms. Here they take a bit longer.

Bee on succulent

Back at the rosemary bush, we have liftoff:

Bee flying toward rosemary flowers

And that’s our camera therapy session for today. Shabbat shalom, and go donate.

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