Sunday, January 01, 2006

Carnival of the Cats #93: Happy New Year Edition

Her Ladyship

Happy New Year and welcome to Elms in the Yard. I’m Her Ladyship.


And I’m Missy. We live with a friend of Rahel’s, and we’re ringing in the new year with this week’s edition of the Carnival of the Cats. ... Hey, Your Ladyship, why do we have to do this? What’s up with Rahel, anyway? Isn’t she the one who’s supposed to be running this blog?

Her Ladyship: Forget it—she’s zonked out from looking at all the kitty pics. So you can start assembling the links, and I’ll be back to check on you later.

Missy: That’s not fair! Why do I have to do all the work?

Her Ladyship: Because you’re young and strong ... and I am the senior cat in this household.

Missy: Thousands of cats in Jerusalem, and I get stuck living with a Siamese housemate. Sheesh. All right—here we go:

Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full of Crap sends us a lovely New Year message via the Divine Grumpus, the late, sweet Edloe.

At enrevanche, Mister Gato looks down at the world in his new favorite spot.

Check out some belly action as ACM of Just Between Strangers presents Claws are for climbing.

Allan at AllanThinks gives us the soulful gaze of (Macy) Grey.

Benjamin at Benjamin the Blogging Cat introduces his friends Satchi and Simba. (Hey, how about a picture of Benjamin for the blog, too? The photo on the Profiles page is nice, but it’s just not the same.)

The handsome Ferdinand T. Cat at Conservative Cat shows us that the Other Cat is still on top of things.

Rhett of Melange is a skilled writer of love letters. Here is a note to his love, Sophie. Meanwhile, Nicky the Shy peeks out at the world from his safe place.

The Robot Vegetable at Far Cartouche presents Robin’s and Jonah at the Escher Tree and, at Middle-Fork, Tinker and Sabaki on the Lookout.

Meanwhile, over at Running Scared, Tom Takes Over the World, but I’m not complaining. After all, cats should take over the world, shouldn’t they?

Meryl Yourish delights us with Tig the Goofball, Parts One and Two.

Blueberry at Texas Oasis gives us Jax, the Shaved Cat. Ouch.

Sleeping Mommy sneaks a few dogs into her Friday Ark post. But don’t worry; there are some lovely kittypics there, too.

Ah, the Cats d’Elisson! Here are the Sweet Sisters, Hakuna and Matata. Do you know how many times a day Rahel checks Elisson’s blog for new pictures of those two? It makes me jealous. This week we have a bonus, too: The Mistress of Sarcasm’s lovely cat, Neighbor.

At Cascade Exposures, Pepper wins the Great Tissue War.

Storyteller’s kittycats at Scribblings wish us a Happy New Year.

At Pencil Roving, Mister Gato proves himself a benevolent feline dictator and a yarn expert.

Chuq at 7610 posts a feline whodunit.

The People’s Republic of Seabrook tells us No, I haven’t figured out how I'm getting down, thank you ...

Missy: Oh, man, am I getting tired! Your Ladyship, can I take a break now?

Her Ladyship: No.

Missy: How do you say “slave driver” in Hebrew? Hey, wait—who are you? Aren’t you the Lady in Red?

The Lady in Red

Lady in Red: Yup. Why don’t you rest while I take over for a bit?

Missy: Thanks!

At Where the Dolphins Play, Gryphon leaps for joy.

Julie at blog gets some holiday visitors.

The critters at Watermark share their new year’s resolutions.

PJ at No Deep Thoughts shows us how getting good photos of Rhett and Rafe is a bit like ... well, herding cats.

At Mensa Barbie Welcomes You, Butterscotch shows off his New Year’s Eve hat.

Is Kali of Composite Drawlings really a food critic, or could she be on to something good here?

At maggies meanderings and shameless plugs, Carlos supervises the installation of a particularly important home fixture.

Feak of Bloggg tells us where to go to have fun. But can we believe everything we see?

Poor Gigolo Kitty is having a difficult time with his mistress on a diet.

Martin Lindeskog at Ego poses a question about feline heraldry.

Check out the great kitty links at eatstuff. Good news: Kiri is doing fine.

Her Ladyship: Well, how’s it going?

Lady in Red: Beautifully, only now it’s your turn.

Her Ladyship: What?! Oh, all right.

At pages turned, Ellie rests up from Christmas.

Bruce Mckay at Bigcatheads—The Blog shares an inspired painting.

Sergei of Music and Cats fashions himself a kitty cave, while Kimberly wonders whether people might not come to resemble their pets and vice versa.

Political Fred shows us Day 337 of Captivity.

Jinx of Manxmnews loves pillow nests. (Who doesn’t?)

Jennifer Smith at All Things Jen(nifer) shows us how nothing says Jen like a kitty hat.

Ollie Adamson of Life in a Silly Little Country shares his outrage over having been blogged by someone else. Wow, he sure looks bothered, doesn’t he?

Over at Catymology, Aloysius dreams of summer.

Leigh-Ann at The Blog Pound presents Day 16: all kittens, all the time.

Rosie shows us her cat bling. Cool!

Back at No Deep Thoughts, the fog really does come on little cat feet. Literally.

Sisu—or is that Lucie?—makes it all seem effortless, while Baby gazes into the distance at another cat we can’t see. Finally, everything comes out in the wash.

Over at StrangeRanger, Maddie’s been enjoying the holidays.

Eep at The Oubliette loves her new window bed.

Mean Ol’ Meany shares some cat blogging with teeth.

Even though this post by Wenchypoo doesn’t contain a kitty picture or RFOAC (reasonable facsimile of a cat), it deals with a most relevant subject for our human companions.

Bengals rule the roost at Life~Florida~Whatever. (A tip for carnival submitters: please send a link to the specific post you would like the carnival host to include. It’s also helpful to make sure that each post has its own link.)

Meanwhile, at Mind of Mog, Izzy sniffs a bush while Bazel and others brave the cold.

Zuleme at Caturday shows us some split-level catblogging.

Missy: Well, we did it! Thanks for your help, Lady in Red, and yes, you too, Your Ladyship. Don’t forget to check out the weekly Friday Ark at The Modulator for more kitty and other critter goodness. Next week’s Carnival of the Cats will be up at Pages Turned. Happy New Year, and laila tov (good night) from Jerusalem. May your 2006 be filled with good health, good news and lots of contented purrs.

Missy rests

Now I’m going to sleep.

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