Sunday, February 12, 2006

They Say Cats Are Very Clean

Well, whoever “they” are, they’re absolutely right. Cats are very clean indeed, especially this one.

Cat-shaped soap mold

It’s an RFOAC (reasonable facsimile of a cat), of course: one of several very lovely soap molds that a generous and good-hearted fellow blogger enabled me to purchase.

But as luck would have it, the soap inside is from the same batch that I had the mishap with last week. The pH level seems to be coming down, though, so there’s hope that eventually it will be usable. I like the way the colors came out: the natural color of the soap, along with the orange dye (it’s actually food coloring), go well with each other, almost creating a red-tabby-like effect. Maybe one day I’ll graduate to calico—now that would be a challenge!

In the meantime, once the soap inside the mold is hard enough to remove without further mishap, I’ll lay this batch aside and start work on a new one. And then that generous and good-hearted blogger had better watch out, because as soon as I can manage it, he and his family are going to find themselves with a bunch more cats than they already have.

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