Friday, July 28, 2006

Those Amazing Bet Shimshis

Like many towns in the central region of Israel, Bet Shemesh is taking in people fleeing from the rockets striking the north.

Via Eric J. at Meryl’s: Among the Bet Shimshis who are doing their utmost to help the war refugees is this talented young soldier, Elie Deutsch, who has started a hesed project to help soldiers and residents of the north. The proceeds from his CD sales will be going to help these charitable organizations.

Via Sandy Cash: a post from her Israel Diary with further details on what the Bet Shimshis are doing to help their fellow Israelis, and how even those who aren’t in Bet Shemesh, or even in Israel, can help.

P. S. Treppenwitz (of Efrat) is part of an important effort, too. Read about it here, and join if you can.

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