Monday, October 16, 2006

Our New Office Mate

When I got to work today, my two co-workers told me jubilantly that we now had a fourth office mate. He had wandered in some time ago and no one, including our employer, was in any hurry to escort him out.

Our new office mate

He is a red tabby male, neutered and declawed (!), very friendly, quiet and well-behaved. He sat quietly in the office for hours, gratefully accepting attention when it was offered but not asking for it. He seemed to understand that we needed to get our work done. I am fortunate to work in a pleasant office with terrific people, and our new office mate made the atmosphere even better just by being there.

Most surprising of all, he did not trigger my allergic response. Well, all right, my neck itched a bit where he nuzzled it, but other than that I was fine. No sniffles, no itchy eyes, and my airway was clear.

This is one very special cat. If my lease permitted it I would have him home with me in a heartbeat.

As it stands, he really could use a loving, caring home. All three of us in the office are cat-lovers and would like to help him find one.

Today is Feral Cat Day. My thanks to Laurence Simon for posting a photo of the Lady In Red in its honor. In return, I offer a picture of our new office mate at my work station, with the IFOC Catcams on the monitor behind him.

Feline takeover of my work station

Yes, we still got plenty of work done today. But I hope that this post will accomplish another important task: finding our lovely new office mate a home.

UPDATE: Wonderful news: our office mate has been adopted.

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