Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tummy Tuesday: 13 or 22

(This post is in honor of the King of Catbloggers, Laurence Simon, who celebrates his birthday today. Check out his site—catblogging is only one of the many excellent facets of his Internet presence. Till 120 in good health and happiness!)

When I work downtown, I have my choice of bus lines home: the 13 or the 22.

The 13 is the no-nonsense line. It lets me off within a block of my front door and is the one I usually take.

The 22 deposits me several blocks—and a whole world—away. If I take the 22, I get off near a beautiful local park and walk home to the sounds of wild parakeets and the sight of gorgeous plants and trees.

And the Lady in Red. Oh, yes, the Lady in Red.

Today, the 22 arrived at the stop downtown before the 13 did. I hopped on eagerly, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Here is the Lady in Red’s sun-dappled tummy:

Lady in Red, dappled

Here is a portrait:

Portrait of a Lady in Red

And here is the Lady in Red imitating a lioness:

Imitating a lioness

Thank you, Lisaviolet, for starting Tummy Tuesday.

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