Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Breakfast for the Downtown Crew

When I passed the restaurant again this morning as I left work, I saw one of the workers there come out with two cans of cat food and an aluminum pan. He got to work straightaway as four members of the local colony crowded round:

Breakfast time

Kitty symmetry again: two silvers, two grays, and they’re even on the same sides!

Kitty symmetry

A view from the rear. One of the grays is looking at me.

Gray checks me out

Now one of the silvers checks me out:

Silver checks me out

One of the grays finishes eating and starts washing up:

Time to wash up

I couldn’t resist adding these last two photos. Here, three of the cats look up as passersby make a bit of noise:

Three look up

Here, the cat who didn’t look up before is looking up now.

One looks up

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