Friday, October 05, 2007

Sabbatical Cat?

The year of shemitta, or the sabbatical year when fields in Israel are supposed lie fallow, has just begun. Produce that grows in Israel during the sabbatical year must treated with special reverence, since it has what is known as kedushat shemitta—the sanctity of the sabbatical year. There are all sorts of rules about how one is supposed to care for one’s garden during this year, what produce one may buy and even how one should treat their peels, rinds and cores, since produce that has kedushat shemitta may not be disposed of in the ordinary fashion.

I need to ask my local rabbi: what do I do when I find a kitty growing in the planter?

Missy in the planter

More about the sabbatical year here.

The Friday Ark. The Carnival of the Cats.

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