Sunday, February 17, 2008

But It’s So Nice Out!

Years ago, when I was small, I saw an episode of “The Addams Family” in which the children, Pugsley and his younger sister Wednesday, wanted to go outside to play. Their mother, Morticia, remonstrated, telling them that it was not a good idea: blue sky, soft breezes and the like. Surely a day to stay indoors!

Morticia would likely keep her children inside today. It’s positively balmy out there, so pleasant that you’d never guess what tomorrow’s going to be like.

It looks like the Middle Eastern groundhog—if there is one—saw his shadow two weeks ago. We’re in for high winds, rain turning into snow, and temperatures even lower than our last cold snap. Our building just got another warning about turning on our water heaters and leaving our faucets dripping overnight so that our pipes won’t freeze. Morticia Addams would love it.

The only good thing about this particular slice of winter is that it’s going to be brief. The sun should be out again by Wednesday.

She and Pugsley will have to go back inside then, poor things.

(Want to know what the weather is like in most places in Israel? Visit, the newest addition to my sidebar.)

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