Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lots of Pictures

Here are some of the pictures I took recently. First, the sky at sunset over the Malha Technological Park:

The sky at sunset over Malha

A fiery sunset there, just a few moments later:

Fiery sunset

Some tree bark, in what looks like different stages of formation:

Tree bark

In Bitan Aharon, a small rural community in the north, is a lane of banyan trees. Just across the street is a wedding hall that borders on a walking trail that looks out onto the entire Sharon region. Here is the lane of banyan trees with a couple that has come to be photographed there. The photographer who is working with them can also be seen:

Wedding photo

Here is the view of the Sharon region:

A view of Israel's Sharon region

Here is an old wooden railway car, just next to the wedding hall. You can still see the rooms and closets inside. My friend and I saw several couples and two bat-mitzva girls take pictures there:

Moon, train, tree

In Bitan Aharon is a sanctuary for donkeys and horses. Here is a donkey—a burro, perhaps?

Burro at the Bitan Aharon horse and donkey sanctuary

Closer to home, here is a row of tulips interspersed with cyclamens:

Tulips and cyclamens

Finally, the inside of a tulip. Looks a bit like neon to me:

Neon tulip

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