Friday, May 01, 2009

Cat and Lizard

As I was walking down the street several days ago, I saw a gorgeous long-haired silver cat, wearing a collar, who looked intent on some serious business. When I stopped to look, I saw that things were very serious indeed... for a lizard who had been unlucky enough to cross this cat’s path.

Cat and lizard

After that brief respite, the chase was on again:

The chase continues...

Desperate to flee the feline terror, the lizard hid in the grass...

Get back here!

... prompting our hunter-cat to hunker down for a moment and look out as if to say, “Wait! Where’d he go?”

Where'd he go?

Finally, during a prolonged lull in the chase (perhaps the lizard had lost permanently by this time, though I couldn’t tell), I was able to get something close to a portrait shot of our intrepid hunter. Check out that gorgeous ruff.


He let me approach and sniffed my hand when I held it out, but didn’t offer his head for petting. Considering that he was in the middle of a hunt, I didn’t push my luck.

(On second thought, the cat was wearing a pink collar. Maybe he’s a she.)

The Friday Ark. The Carnival of the Cats.

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