Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Demonstrating for Equal Rights on Public Transportation

This morning, I attended a demonstration against sex-segregated public transportation in Jerusalem. The demonstration, which was held outside the Ministry of Transport, was covered by the press.

Here are some photographs that I took:

A bus ticket, created specifically for the demonstration. The top line reads: “Ticket for women. Seating in rear portion only.”

Bus ticket

MK Nitzan Horowitz speaks to a journalist from Israel Television. (Note that the journalist is wearing a head covering.)

MK Nitzan Horowitz speaks to journalist

Two police officers hold a powwow on the road leading to the Ministry of Transport. Since we were fewer than fifty people, we did not require a permit in order to demonstrate. I got the impression that the police officers were not altogether pleased that we knew that bit of information.

Police powwow

As small as the demonstration was, it encompassed most walks of Israeli society. Many religious people object to sex-segregated public transportation on various grounds, including the fact that Jewish religious law does not demand it at all. According to city councilwoman Rachel Azaria, Haredi men and women object to the segregation as well, but cannot say so publicly for fear of reprisal.

At the demonstration

The rest of my photos from this morning’s demonstration are here.

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