Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Pictures from Today

This morning, I went to my dentist for a cleaning. His office is located on an upper floor of a high-rise in downtown Jerusalem. For years, I’ve wanted to take a picture of the view. Today, I finally got my courage up and asked him whether I could take some pictures from the window. He said, “Go ahead.”

Jerusalem with clouds above

Yes, that’s the Dome of the Rock on the right, and if you look closely, you can see the gold spires of the Russian church to the left of it. Behind it is the Mount of Olives.

As I took the photos, I couldn’t help but say: “My kingdom for a wide-angle lens!”

Later today, I noticed a moth flitting about near a plant nursery. After it landed on a berry, I took out my camera and managed to get a few shots. This one came out the best, I think:

Moth on berry, close up

Yeah... I guess I hang out with flighty characters sometimes.

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