Monday, October 26, 2009

Carnival of the Cats 293: Pinch-Hitting Edition

Standing in for this week’s host—to whom we wish a swift and complete recovery—heeeeeeere’s Catschka!

Ummm... Catschka? Where are you?

“Up here. Can’t you see me?”

Can you find me?

Oh, now I see you! Hey, sweetie, come down out of the tree for a bit. You’ve got a carnival to host!

“What—me? You want me to host the Carnival of the Cats? Let me check my calendar. Hmmm, let’s see... climbing trees first thing in the morning, then eating, sleeping, grooming, bothering Her Ladyship, getting skritches and cuddles, playing and eating again, then turning in for the night with Her Ladyship and my mommy.... Nothing here about a carnival. Sorry! I’m going back up the tree now. See you later!”

Oh, come on, Catschka, it’ll be fun! Don’t you want to greet your fans all over the world and let them admire you?

“Oh, well, if you put it that way, I don’t mind if I do. Ahem.... So here, without further ado, is the 293rd edition of the Carnival of the Cats!”

Thank you, Catschka! I’m so proud of you, hosting a carnival like a big kitty! Who’s first?

“Here’s Ted the imperious in soft focus at The Poor Mouth. Doesn’t he look like he rules the roost? He ought to. I rule mine. Or at least I try to. And I must say, Ted’s very handsome.”

Oh, yes, that he definitely is! What a gorgeous tuxxie... look how fluffy....

“Hey, stop staring at him, Rahel! Look at me!”

Oh, right. Sorry. Here, have a skritch....

“That’s better. Now, here’s a cat who knows what she wants—and she’s a gorgeous Siamese, just like me! Go right ahead, Hakuna—demand that skritch! I’d sure love to meet you over at Blog d’Elisson. I’d jump out at you and invite you to play, just like I do with Her Ladyship....”

Oh, yes, Catschka, and we all know how fond she is of that....

“It’s Caturday at Mind of Mog! There’s Meowza, looking so sweet! What does Mog mean when she says that he looks adorable, but if we only knew?”

I think Mog means that Meowza gets into mischief sometimes.

“Oh, good! I like mischief. And speaking of mischief, Rosie’s sharing news of some with Arthur over at My Cats and Funny Stories. Trouble is, Arthur just keeps nodding off.”

Humans do that too sometimes, you know.

“Wow, really? Oh, this is nice: Maddie’s celebrating her eighth Gotcha Day at StrangeRanger! Congratulations, Maddie. My first Gotcha Day was just a few months ago. I send you and your people my best tail-swishes and happy purrs from here!”

That’s sweet of you, Catschka. I send my congratulations, too! Who’s next?

Luna’s on the patio at CatSynth. I think her patio is very pretty, but it’s even prettier with Luna on it!”

I agree.

“Oh, look, another beautiful Meezer! Cheysuli is grateful that she survived the Male’s birthday. Maybe I should subscribe to the The Cat Post Intelligencer to get the latest Meezer news over there. What do you think?”

I don’t think they sell subscriptions, but we can certainly go and visit.

“That was the last post. Now it’s my turn! Do I get to show my picture now? I’ve waited so long!”

Of course, Catschka. You’ve been a very patient kittycat and an excellent host. So here, on this very blog, is Catschka gazing at me while she rests on the terrace of my friend’s apartment.

“One more! One more! I’m the host, right? So I get one more picture!”

Catschka, you’ve already got two.

“Come on! You said I was a very patient kittycat and an excellent host, right? So I get one more picture!”

Sigh.... Kittens! All right, Catschka, how about the one I took of you in the garden last week, with your tail curving so gracefully?

“Oh, yes, that one’s nice. I do great tail-swishes. Go ahead and post it!”

What’s the magic word, Catschka?

Now! Just kidding. Please.”

Catschka poses

Now what do we say, Catschka? Do you remember?

“Ummm... the next Carnival will be at... oh, Rahel, I forgot! Can you help me?”

Sure. The next Carnival of the Cats will be hosted at Kashim, Othello and Salome’s place, Three Tabby Cats in Vienna.

“Wow! They come all the way from Vienna? Isn’t that really far?”

Yes, Catschka, it’s pretty far.

“Oh. Well, I’m going back up the tree now. Is that OK?”

Sure, sweetie. But say goodbye to our guests first.

“Bye! Thank you all for coming! Come back again soon!”

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