Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring flowers of Jerusalem

Here is a collection of photos of Jerusalem wildflowers that I took over the past several weeks. If it’s heavy on scarlet pimpernels, that’s because scarlet pimpernels are among my favorite wildflowers.

OK – here we go:

Scarlet pimpernel

Scarlet pimpernels

Scarlet pimpernel

Scarlet pimpernel

More photos after the jump:

Scarlet pimpernel

For a change, some Egyptian campion:

Egyptian campion

Steps cut into the rock behind the Scottish Church:

Steps in the rock

A barbary nut (tzaharon) blossom:

Barbary nut (Tzaharon)

Inside a pheasant’s-eye blossom:

Inside a pheasant's-eye blossom

Wild tulips:

Wild tulips


  1. What do you use to take these photos? Be specific, b'vakasha - "a camera" is not quite the answer I am looking for!

  2. I use a Canon Powershot SX20 IS in macro or super-macro mode.


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