Saturday, December 22, 2012

Some recent photos

Here are some recent photos from some of my forays around and about:

Palm trees at twilight:

Palm trees at twilight

Drama in the sky:

Sky drama

Spidey on her web:

Spider on web

More photos after the jump.

Somewhere in the city, a soldier is home on weekend leave:

Weekend leave from the army

Oranges on the tree:


Myrtle berries:

Myrtle berries

A water meter in the rain (does it measure the rain, too?):

Water meter in the rain

Clouds over Jerusalem:


Letters, bolts and shadows: the sign at the new Kaffit café:

Bolts and shadows

The refurbished windmill at Mishkenot Sha’ananim:

The windmill at Mishkenot Sha'ananaim

Branches and the moon:

Branches and moon

And we can’t end without a cat photo. A study in creamy orange and white:

Orange and white

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