Saturday, February 25, 2006


Of course. What else?

Here are Her Ladyship and Missy together. They’re getting along much better these days. It’s a joy to watch.

Her Ladyship and Missy getting along

Here are a few solo shots of Missy.

I’m hiding. Bet you can’t see me!

Missy hides among the leaves

OK, I climbed the tree. Now what do I do?

Missy in the tree

This cat was patrolling outside a public building, helping the security guard do his job. Notice that her left ear is a bit flat on top. That’s a sign that she’s been spayed. Her eyes are so dramatic—I wonder what kind of eye liner she uses.

Tabby cat on patrol

And here’s a pretty black cat I met in the garden of Ticho House downtown. Besides her white locket, she has several white toes on her hind feet. (In this photo, they are obscured by the drip-irrigation hose.) She consented to give my fingers a sniff, but wouldn’t get any closer. Oh, well.

Black cat among the flowerpots

(Check out this week’s Friday Ark at the Modulator. The Carnival of the Cats will be up on Sunday at Animal Family.)

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