Sunday, February 26, 2006

Spring Sighted around the Corner

Here’s the tree out in the front yard. Looks pretty bare, doesn’t it?

Tree in bud

Well, not exactly. Look closely ...

Tree blossoms against a gray sky

More buds, as it gets ready for spring ...

Buds on the tree

(Yes, it looks lovely, but I don’t get too sentimental about it. In a few weeks, seed pods from this tree and all its siblings are going to start blowing into my window, and I’ll be spending weeks sweeping them out of my apartment.)

Now, down by the bus stop, beneath a soft drizzle ...

Buds and blossoms

This is the top of a barley sheaf that’s just starting to come up. Barley doesn’t ripen until about June here, so this is the very first stirring of this year’s crop. I had to put my hand beneath the fine green projections because my camera wouldn’t focus on them otherwise.

Top of barley sheaf

This is my favorite time of year in Jerusalem. So many wonderful wild plants come up, and so many of them are edible, too!

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