Saturday, February 25, 2006

Out from Under II

This time it was a bad cold—so bad, in fact, that I went to the doctor for a strep test. Fortunately, it wasn’t strep, and now it’s almost over.

But it did mean that I spent a few days sick at home, with a temperature. No fun at all. I couldn’t even make a batch of soap, since I don’t work with dangerous chemicals (lye) or potentially dangerous tools (my stick blender) when I have a temperature.

I made a batch last week, though—Castile soap. Here it is:

Batch of Castile soap

Good news: the whole batch is spoken for. Yes!

More good news: Last week I auditioned for a local stage production. The audition went well, and yesterday morning I got a call telling me I made the callbacks! They’re due to be held early this week. Feel free to wish me a broken leg.

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