Sunday, July 16, 2006

So What Do You Do during a War?

Treppenwitz has an excellent post on what those of us inside and outside Israel can do to help during this challenging time.

Meryl has ongoing news and blog roundups, and Imshin has some thoughtful posts. Laurence Simon has insight, cats, much-needed laughs, cats, a Bingo game and oh, did I mention cats? (Oh, yes, today is Carnival of the Cats day, too. I’ll be seeing it tomorrow morning if all goes well. Dratted time-zone differences.)

And me? Well, owing to some unexpected large expenses this month (one that I have blogged about and another that I haven’t yet, but it involves several close encounters with a dental drill), I’ve taken on some extra work, and if I want to pay my bills, I’d better get cracking, war or no war.

Before I go, a few updates: my friend, the one who moved to Safed recently and whose apartment took a direct hit several days ago, is doing fine, though she can’t go home yet. Her landlord says that her possessions are recoverable.

Her Ladyship seems almost fully recovered. I saw her outside in one of her favorite spots yesterday, and she gladly accepted some skritches.

I saw the Lady in Red yesterday, too, and she was in a jealous mood. When she saw me paying attention to a calico mama cat with kittens, she got upset and swatted me.

Back to work. I’ll post more when I can.

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